How to Not Lose Your Damn Mind When You’re Shopping for Beauty Products



When I’m at Sephora and one of the sales associates walks up to me with an empty basket, I turn into the emoji with the crossed hands, like, NO!

Literally. So. Me.

Those baskets are my downfall, man. I can go into a Sephora with one specific item in mind, but if someone hands me a basket while I’m there, it’s suddenly, “Oh, shampoo! I definitely need a new one, and here’s an eyeliner I’ve been wanting to try, and what a pretty glitter shadow! Yup, I need that too. Now, hmm… What did I come here again for??” Seriously, those baskets are a free-for-all, and I’m throwing stuff in there like there’s no tomorrow.

So, I live and die by this beauty shopping rule: I can only go up to the cash register with whatever I can hold in my hands.

It sounds so #basic, but it’s surprisingly effective! If you, too, are prone to walking into a Sephora (or a Target or Ulta or really anyplace with shopping baskets) and going into a fugue state while beauty shopping, limit yourself to whatever you can hold in your hands. It’ll basically save you from yourself.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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