23 Background Facts About ‘The Blair Witch Project’ Movie Which Make It Even Scarier


One of the defining moments in every movie fan’s life is when they first saw The Blair Witch Project. Whether it was in a dark cinema or at home, alone or with friends, your life was not the same from that moment on. Years on, whenever the name is mentioned, chills still tingle down your spine. This movie is considered to have revived the horror genre. Apart from the movie itself, what brought on that status, are the chilling facts connected with the movie production. Very creepy stuff happened during the filming, taking the scare-o-meter beyond our imagination.

Here are some details and facts compiled by Diply, that will renew your goosebumps:

1. Heather Donahue and her two co-stars Michael C. Williams, and Joshua Leonard, were reportedly proclaimed missing or deceased. As a result, Heather’s mom indeed received countless sympathy cards from people believing her daughter WAS actually dead or missing!

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2. As part of the whole idea, the authors of the movie led the three co-stars to believe that the Blair Witch was a real legend during filming, letting on just that the film was going to be fake. The actors found out that the legend was fake and created by the authors only after the release of the movie.

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3. In order to not get really lost while roaming through the forest, the three co-stars kept in touch with the directors via radio. Still, they did go astray on three separate occasions!


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4. The film was made on a very low budget. The producers cut costs wherever they could, including returning one of the cameras the actors used. The store where they bought it gave them a full refund.

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5. There are countless stories from the movie industry on how directors and producers torment actors. The Blair Witch Project is no exception. The three actors were made to eat less and less every day and became hungry. This was done in order to create tensions and drama between them – hunger is a real stress inducer.

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6.One of the most memorable scenes is when Heather, Josh and Michael discover they ended up where they started, after walking all day. Their reactions were indeed authentic – they were really pissed to have spent the day for nothing.

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7. There was no actual movie set in the production process, which means no stage direction, help or similar. So when the actors wanted a break, they simply used a code word – “taco”.

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8. Another scene that is remembered well is the one when they’re sleeping in their tent and the tent suddenly shakes, leading the actors to near maddening scare! This was of course not in the script, making their reactions true and genuine. The director came up with the idea during filming and he was the one that did the shaking.

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9. Another thing staged by the directors were the interviews with the townspeople, already coached by them. The actors did not know that. Their facial expressions and reactions in these segments are totally spontaneous.

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10. The final scene was so scary for Heather that she kept hyperventilating and crying long after the filming of it was done. Truthfully, there is not a single person in the world that saw that scene without jumping off his/her seat!

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