Couple Rescues Crying Dog That Spent 6 Weeks In The Mountains Of Colorado


It was September 2017 in the Mount Bross, in Colorado, that people started hearing strange barking sounds. This was unusual as domestic sounds are not often heard in these mountains. After hearing these rumors, one couple decided to step up and find out what is actually going on. Their action saved a dog’s life and brought it back to its home.

Trinity Smith and her boyfriend Sean Nichols are real heroes.


Last month, people started talking about a certain dog barking in the mountains. Also, the couple read a lost dog poster that the owner Larry Osborne had made together with a Facebook plea to find her lost dog. So they started wondering if that could be the dog these people are searching for.


Ms Smith decided she would help and took her boyfriend along with her. When they went up there, the rumors were proven true. They eventually found Chloe trapped on a rock two days after initially hearing her cries. Nichols grabbed the 14-year-old dog, and they drove him back to town. Later on, they announced on social media that they have located the dog.


Source: Trinity Smith

Chloe’s owner contacted them quickly and they met at a store. The couple was actually shopping food for the malnourished dog. Chloe had spent 6 long weeks in the mountains and was only 26 pounds when the couple found her. The owners had a lovely reunion with their beloved dog.


Source: Trinity Smith

Chloe was not feeling well, but showed signs of significant improvement a few day after the rescue. She had a long way ahead of her full recovery, but, luckily, she is back with her owners and getting the love and care she deserves.


Source: Trinity Smith

Here are some cute pictures of people meeting their dogs for the first time.

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