How To Drop 105 Pounds in 1 Year With A Water-Drinking Hack


Life is strange, and the quest for quick and easy weight loss is neverending. This time, Popsugar brings us the latest news from that front – this is the story of one brave soldier, called Maryn Teed.

At first glance, Maryn is this super-ordinary woman, but that’s before you discover that she completely transformed her body. It took her just one year to drop to 210 pounds from 315 pounds, and it all started how it now ended – with a photo.

Last year, Maryn joined her family for a barbecue party, feeling pretty good and confident about herself. However, when she got back home and saw the photos of her on social media, things took a U-turn. “I just cried and cried; I was so disgusted by myself,” she told Popsugar, disheartened at how she looked in the snapshots. “I knew the next day when I woke up, I needed to do something about it.” It was August 1, 2016, and her fitness journey officially began.


As the saying goes, even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So what was the first step of Maryn’s long transformation?

As with ancient wisdom, she too, made a wise choice. This consisted of simply “choosing the right foods to help fuel [her] body” and cutting back on portion sizes. But it’s also wise to help yourself along the journey, and in this day and age there’s technology to aid us. So, she recruited the help of the MyFitnessPal app too, so she could track her calorie intake.

MyFitnessPal is really good at keeping you in line, so she went from a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet to consuming 1,500 calories or less. “I cut out mainly pastas and stuff I could do without, like butter on things,” Maryn explained. “I’d cut out cheese when I knew I didn’t need it.” Soon enough, her body started craving healthier foods and she stopped longing for the unhealthy foods she once consumed on a daily basis. “I eventually got to where I was eating so well that the bad foods lost their hold on me,” she told Popsugar. “I didn’t want them. Trust me — you eventually get there, and they make you feel awful.”


While she was cutting back on calories, Maryn simultaneously upped her daily water intake too — by a lot. It is well known that consuming plenty of water is a pillar of healthy living and a catalyst for weight loss, and Maryn used a simple tactic that all avid water-drinkers should live by. “I’d drink half my body weight in water every day. So when I weighed 300 pounds, I’d drink 150 fluid ounces of water a day.”

Now, that may sound like too much (and is definitely a cause for one too many trips to the bathroom), but Maryn explained how she sticks to this goal. “I’d fill specific water bottles and keep them in my fridge or on me, and I would just make sure that before I’d go to bed that I would have finished all of them off. I actually used my Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee cups and would just fill them up and drink two with every main meal.” I think most people are too lazy to refill their water bottles at work, so having prefilled bottles at the start of the day seems like the practical solution.

Alongside these significant but easy diet changes, Maryn incorporated exercise into her routine too. She started small from the comfort of her home and moved on from there. At first, she used the 21-Day Fix workouts at home, and two months later she moved to a gym in town and she even has her own trainer now. “I fell in love with working out again,” she told Popsugar. Maryn is currently working out with her personal trainer four times a week, and also visits the local gym five times per week. “I do my own workouts based on what my trainer has me do with him, and I try and add major cardio,” she said. High-intensity cardio workouts and heavy lifting is what she focuses on. Doing stuff like flipping tires and mountain climbing, to using dumbbells and riding the stationary bike.

To top it off, no workout is complete without some post-workout protein, which she swears by. “It makes the biggest difference, at least for me! I can feel it legitimately fueling my body, helping me recover after the workout I had,” Maryn said. Her personal favorites are premade protein shakes like Premier Protein and Muscle Milk, while she also keeps snacks like granola bars and mixed nuts in her car for an added protein boost on her way back from the gym.

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