7 Chefs And Healthy Food Bloggers Share Tips To Lose Weight


Making small changes in your diet can bring about extremely positive results. If you want to slim down, you might want to try these tips provided by bloggers and chefs.


1. Audrey Johns

Weightloss blogger and cookbook author Audrey Johns lost 150 pounds by swapping the diet soda with water. She wanted to set a better example for her little daughter by leading a healthier life. Johns started by ditching all the diet drinks loaded with fake sugar. Instead she started drinking water, and lost her first 10 pounds. The water serves to fill her up before a meal, and sometimes it can also satisfy snack cravings. “I was the person always holding a Big Gulp,” the author of Lose Weight By Eating says. “Now I drink water all day long. At 37, I look younger than I’ve ever looked before,” Johns added.


2. Lani Muelrath

Award winning health educator Lani Muelrath lost 50 pounds when she replaced the vegan mayo with hummus. The author of Mindful Vegan wanted to include more products rich in fiber in her diet and needed a substitute for one of her favourite condiments: vegan mayo. So she started using hummus, which is rich in fiber, but also in protein. She made the swap over 20 years ago, and, despite claiming that she is prone to gaining weight easily, Muelrath has maintained her weight constant over the years.


3. Gina Neely

Gina Neely revealed one of the secrets to her losing 20 pounds: she swapped the red meat (pork and steaks) with lean protein (fish and poultry). Making this change has helped her shed 12 inches in 12 weeks, and she doesn’t miss her old diet at all. “Normally with my favorite vegetable, collard greens, I’d cook pork because pork has a great flavor—let’s be real,” said the former Food Network star. “But when I started smoking my turkey wings, I got the same smokiness. I don’t even crave bacon anymore.”


4. Liz Della Croce

Liz Della Croce, the blogger at The Lemon Bowl, lost 65 pounds by cutting down her portion sizes. The main thing was starting to use higher-quality fats instead of an oil overload. Just a teaspoon of olive oil is enough. And adding more ginger, garlic, and lemon juice certainly doesn’t hurt.


5. Michelle Tam

Bestselling author Michelle Tam was reluctant to try the Paleo diet her husband suggested. But she had nothing to lose: she was already feeling miserable and constantly hungry, so she decided to give it a shot. Tam swapped pasta and rice with spiralized veggies and greens. The creator of Nom Nom Paleo then started to feel much better, her digestive issues disappeared, as did her canker sores. “I lived with chronic issues my whole life that I just thought were normal,” she says. “I didn’t know there was a better way.”


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