16 Most Savage Celebrity Tweets Of All Times


Ever since tweeting became a daily activity, you probably started following tons of celebrities. Twitter has seen the most honest and sometimes, the quirkiest comebacks celebrities have ever posted. Sometimes, it’s a well crafted response, other times it’s just a random observation, but whatever the reason may be, the public is always on the watch. Whether it’s something savage or sweet, celebrities’ tweets are always in and unforgettable. Here are some of the best celebrities being savage on Twitter, collected by Diply.

1. When Kim K. was celebrating National Snake Day! Isn’t she right about her tweet, though?

Snake emojis all around!

Twitter | @KimKardashian

2. When Hilary Clinton wrote three small words that were too late.

Twitter | @HillaryClinton

3. When Chrissy Teigen shared her legitimate parenting advice.

Strong one, indeed!


Twitter | @chrissyteigen

4. When Zayn’s reason as to why he left One Direction broke hearts of a million fangirls.

Twitter | @zaynmalik

5. When Cole Sprouse shared details of Dylan Sprouse’s life.

Any time when Cole tweets at his twin brother, Dylan, we feel a bit shocked!

Twitter | @colesprouse

6. Here’s the next one! When Dylan got real about how the public sees him.

Sometimes, you just have to poke fun at yourself, too!

Twitter | @dylansprouse

7. When Bette Midler indirectly told Kim K. to put on clothes.

She’s not far from the truth, though.

Twitter | @BetteMidler

8. And when Kim Kardashian clapped back at Bette and went on being a misbehaving “daughter”.

She is probably not kidding.

Twitter | @KimKardashian

9. When Kelly Clarkson was here to remind you that she deserved her American Idol won over Justin Guarini.

Twitter | @kelly_clarkson

10. When Jessica Biel made this confession.

Who admits that they’re a Miranda? It’s a rare occasion! And a brave one, too!

Twitter | @JessicaBiel

11. When Katy Perry confirmed that there is no way she will collaborate with Taylor Swift.

Twitter | @katyperry

12. When the smiling emojis made this tweet by Nicki Minaj seem sweet, when she was far from friendly.

This came after Nicki’s music video for “Anaconda” did not get an MTV VMA nomination for Video of the Year.


13. When you tweet about something, don’t expect everyone to just forget about it.

Calvin has since deleted this tweet directed at his ex, Taylor Swift, but Twitter remembers everything!


14. When Drake Bell wasn’t invited to former costar Josh Peck’s wedding.

It’s almost as if his heart was broken.

Teen Vogue

15. When Cole Sprouse was not afraid to criticise the show he is in.


16. John Cleese telling Piers Morgan, “I’m just not that into you.”

Twitter | @JohnCleese

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Source: diply

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