16 People Who Hated Rules And Straight Up Beat The System


Is it just me or are there are too many rules? Our parents’ rules, kindergarten rules, school rules, business rules, society’s rules, dating rules, our significant other’s rules… And so on and on, a never-ending list of constraints! And there’s very little to do because after all, we’re just individuals flying on a huge ball of rock through the dark vacuum of space. Just look at the laws of physics! So annoying!

But speaking of the laws of physics, there’s also this: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sounds familiar? It should because that’s Newton’s Third Law. Basically – every rule will be fiercely opposed! So there!

So today, we will honor the human subjects of Newton’s Third Law – the brave ones who fought the rules and won! Or so we like to imagine. Diply collected proof of these unsung heroes, that we share here with you. Enjoy! Or not. It’s not a rule to enjoy this. You don’t have to. Just saying. Stop it.

1. The Laws of Mathematics – Defeated. NEXT!

reddit | lawlinmypants

2. What doesn’t kill you makes you taller.

Imgur | ChattyCats

3. When the servers get served! High-five!

Imgur | aHelper

4. Water into wine? Pffft. Our guy turned bread into wine. Beat that Jesus.

reddit | XtraLargePope

5. When you’re printing out those SPAM emails.

reddit | [deleted]

6. This person must have a boat.

reddit | KamilG225

7. Proof that trees hate rules too!

reddit | smm2194

8. When you like to live dangerously.

reddit | Noyesy502

9. The entirety of Linguistics in one picture.

reddit | Iliketurtl3s

10. Oh you little rebel, you!

reddit | Achieve_Nirvana

11. “You talkin’ to me, paper towel machine? Huh, huh?!”

reddit | GlovesGoneWild

12. Cats hate rules too! Not that we’re surprised but YAY!

reddit | Bebo3

13. Modern art.

reddit | fingers

14. When you have no time to break every rule separately.

Imgur | jfab

15. Playing with fire there!

Imgur | vladrichdemaclant

16. A rebel with a very good cause indeed.

Imgur | F33dM3Mango3s
source: diply

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