28 Types Of People That Make Instagram A Disturbance


One of the most popular apps in the world on any platform is Instagram. As is customary with popular things, people always will find a way to take it too far. Some thing we will cover here can be fine in principle, as long as not taken to extremes. But generally the case is different.

One of the most annoying things done on this social platform is posting of the exact same picture or motive over and over again. We’ve all seen your barista’s perfect cappuccino, liked it the first time and carried on with our lives. No need for a weekly reminder. Yes, you have a friend who’s very funny when drunk. Don’t make a full dossier of his inebriated exploits every weekend.

Without further ado, here are some of the worst types of people, trends, habits and generally poor taste annoyances found on Instagram, brought to us by Ranker.

People liking their own posts!


Maybe the concept eludes you, but it’s evident: if you posted it, you surely liked it.

The daily selfie


Did you get a nose job? Has a bus hit you in the mug? If not, we know how your face looks like. If you don’t, take a long look in the mirror, and ponder your life choices.

The over-obsessive pair


We all salute your love, congratulate you actually. But be sure, there is absolutely no need to daily remind us singles how cute you can be, while we bathe in gloom alone at home.

Gods of the gym


Wow, you must work you a lot. That 10th pic of your abs since Monday proves it, okay. I, on the other hand, do not! No need to constantly try to inspire me that I should. My big butt plays that role perfectly.

Mirror, mirrored mirror and similar


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