Company Makes Cardboard Tanks And Planes For Cats Ensuring Their World Domination


We all know cats are planning to take over the world. They are the masters of deception, manipulation, and home destruction. How do I know? I have cats, duh. You don’t? Well, that makes you a traitor to catdom!

But it appears that catdom is making progress towards Catmageddon, as these secret photos found by Diply prove. The adorable little demons have tricked the humans at Suck UK into making weapons of mass destruction for them – out of cardboard. They look even cuter when riding around in them so we won’t even notice when stuff goes down. Will I still be getting one for my cat? You bet I will. Cat’s holding me at clawpoint.

Suck UK makes these awesome cat toys. Check them out!

It’s your cat’s birthday, and it wants a tank? You know, for the rats? Say no more!

Amazon | Suck UK

Always wanted to see your cat drive a fire truck? Now you can.

Amazon | Suck UK

They also make sick cars, tanks, laptops, and airplanes – intended for cats, of course.


Amazon | Suck UK

The best part is they’re all made of cardboard, so they’re easy to assemble, store, or destroy. Truly pet-friendly.

Amazon | Suck UK

That DJ cat is blasting “Who Let the Dogs Out.” Sick!

Amazon | Suck UK

Good news? These are made out of cardboard. Bad news? Christmas is coming… and my cats are meowing for presents! Don’t believe me? They’re right beside me, right now, wait… I’ll translate. Cat message as follows:


Source: diply

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