20 Funny Comics Full Of Dark Humour And Self-Deprecation


Alper is the illustrator behind the series of webcomics Laqué Comics. He has managed to turn his lifelong love for comics into his life’s work. For Alper, comics have always been an escape from the tedium of everyday life. So, after he finished school, he decided to start his own series, using his childhood nickname as an inspiration for the title.

Self-proclaimed bad writer, Alper has posted this on his website: “Laqué Comics is some lines arranged in some sequence that is trying to be funny about some stuff.” Apt description, no doubt, because while the subject of the 4-panelled comics can vary from daily life to silly, imaginary scenarios, the only thing that is essential for the illustrator when he draws them is that they have to be funny. The humor in the Laqué Comics is often self-deprecating and a bit on the dark side.

Here is some of Alper’s best work, compiled by Bored Panda.

1. Aaand she doesn’t like him anymore…


2. Sorry, fresh out of ideas. Bye!


3. Making good use of your genius. What a master plan!


4. When you get what you want, but you aren’t ready for it…


5. Placing too high a value on life


6. How about, “Why is grapefruit called grapefruit, when there is already a fruit called grape?”


7. Ah, the eternal question: “Are we human? Or are we dancers?”


8. Just follow your dreams wherever they may lead you…


9. Been there, done that.


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