Some Intriguing Modeling Pictures Of Famous Celebrities


We have to admit that celebrity modeling pictures can be a bit strange. You see some famous names in an unfamiliar situation and you just think to yourself; what actually is happening here? But modeling pictures of celebrities when they were young are even stranger. It’s not so pleasing when you have to see the young movie stars modeling with the purpose of selling some pieces of clothing. If you’re really curious to see the life of your favorite celebrities before they got famous, scroll down below for these funny modeling pictures compiled by Ranker.

They were even rocking weird shirts and hats. Take a look and make sure to enjoy for your favorite/funniest picture.

Channing Tatum’s Backstreet Boys days


Source: via Pinterest

Jennifer Connelly before she had Career Opportunities


Source: Imgur

Chris Pratt’s best attempt at Blue Steel


Source: via Twitter

Keanu Reeves on a modeling adventure


Source: via Pinterest

Angelina Jolie being Mila Kunis


Source: via Pinterest

Robert Pattinson’s new mooning


Source: via Twitter

The beautiful Cameron Diaz


Source: via Pinterest

 Smell like Jimmy Fallon?


Source: via Pinterest

Tom Cruise in denim impossible


Source: Imgur

Carrie Fisher pre-Princess Leia


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