Doctors Ask Mom To Sacrifice Her Daughter And Save Sons – But She Made The Right Call


It’s not easy to be a mom. Australian family blogger Chloe Dunstan and her husband, Rohan, had three wonderful boys, but they really wanted a girl, Newsner reports. So, sometime in late 2014, they decided to have one more child and soon Chloe was pregnant again, to their great joy.


And everything seemed to be going according to plan – Chloe was pregnant again. A few weeks later, she went for a routine checkup to make sure her pregnancy was going well.

And – surprise surprise! – that’s when she heard the shocking news. She wasn’t just going to have a fourth child — the doctor said Chloe was pregnant with triplets and she would be having her fifth and sixth, as well!


Immediately, Chloe and Rohan started planning and preparing their home for the triplets’ arrival.

And when week 28 came, Chloe went in for another checkup — and another shock was in store.


She was going to have two boys and a girl, and so far, everything had been going according to plan.

But… Doctors soon forced Chloe to make a decision that no mother should ever have to make.

It turned out that while the two boys were developing on schedule, the girl was underdeveloped. And the situation was becoming more and more serious with each passing day.


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