This Is What Hollywood Movies Really Look Like Without CGI


It’s often easy to forget that action and fantasy movies are not made like we see on the screen. The reality of the screen and the movie set are two entirely different things. If there weren’t any visual effects, the movies would be nothing like we imagine them to be. Visual effects and Computer-generated imagery are a normal part of creating a movie, but when we finally see what’s really going on, we get completely mesmerized and look shocked.


For example, in the movie Life of Pi, the main character spends most of the movie in the middle of the ocean. He is also on a boat with a tiger and the movie was actually filmed in front of a blue screen. Of course, with no tiger. It was completely CGI, but it’s so hard to believe, right?

Another example is the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. It was based on a true story and you probably think it didn’t require a lot of CGI. But…it does! As a matter of fact, CGI was used for foreign locations that the characters visited, to enhance the beach houses the characters partied at, and for the lion in the house. Again, this is something we rarely pay attention to!

The Bryce Dallas Howard

The most obvious example is probably the movie Jurassic World, which came out in 2015. Although it’s obvious they used CGI for the dinosaurs, you would never guess something about the costumes. The film actually had men dressed up in dino costumes. CGI was also used for the scenery.



If you want to know more about how certain movies were made to look this cool by using CGI, check out the video below. It will probably make you rewatch the movies all over again, but now with a much clearer sense of what’s really behind the scenes. Well done Hollywood, well done.


Here is the whole video:

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