Family Pet Is Taken For A Trip To The Groomer, But Never Returns Home


Pet stores such as PetSmart are supposed to be a one-stop shop for anything and everything you could possibly need for your animal.

Among the many toys, treats, and services the store offers, they also have an in-house groomer. And while taking your dog to the groomer seems safe enough, one family in Dickson City, Pennsylvania, got a heartbreaking call after dropping their pup off for a day of pampering.

Betty Miller dropped off her 12-year-old Bichon pup, Brewster, at a local PetSmart store for a grooming appointment.

Hours later, the woman received a horrifying call from the store informing her that Brewster had been attacked by another dog at the grooming salon and had been taken to the nearest veterinary emergency center, where he was later pronounced dead.

After the shocking loss of her furry companion, Miller is furious with how the PetSmart corporation handled the issue and is fighting to see more safety protocols be put in place to avoid tragedies in the future.

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