5 Delicious Recipes For Smoothies Without Yogurt


In general, a delicious smoothie contains yogurt. But, how would you feel about a smoothie without yogurt? Have you thought about that? Even though almost all smoothie recipes that you have seen contain yogurt, fortunately, you could still make an amazing smoothie with other substitutes.  Here are some suggestions, compiled by Stayhealthyways.


The yogurt is the most common ingredient for making a smoothie. However, this tutorial will help you make tasty smoothies without yogurt, only using alternatives that are as delightful as the yogurt. You could be surprised by the results.
If you are trying to avoid the consumption of yogurt or simply you can’t use it, there are many other ingredients you could choose from, such as almond or coconut milk, fruit juices, peanut butter and so on.

How to make a smoothie without yogurt

The things you would need for delicious yogurt-free smoothie are, of course, a great smoothie recipe, blender, liquid, base, fruits and vegetables and some other add-ons.

Five wonderful recipes of how to make a smoothie without yogurt

1. Using almond milk- a blueberry ginger smoothie
2. Using juice or apple cider – a green powerhouse smoothie
3. Using coconut milk – a tropical tipsy smoothie
4. Using tofu- a chilled chocolate tofu smoothie
5. Using peanut butter- a peanut butter banana apple smoothie
First, let’s take a closer look at the basic things that you need for a tutorial on how to make a smoothie without yogurt

Smoothie Recipe

Depending on what do you prefer and what your diet allows you to consume the combinations are limitless. No matter if you are replacing meals or trying to lose weight, there are plenty of recipes on the Internet for your right purpose of consuming a smoothie.


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Your blender doesn’t have to be very high quality or very expensive. You just need to know how to manipulate the speed to get the smoothie that you want.



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Depending on how creamy do you want your smoothie, you can choose different amounts of the liquid you are using, like milk water, fruit juices or teas.


Besides the fruits, the yogurt as well provides the texture for a creamy smoothie and make the body of the smoothie, known as the base. But, as previously mentioned, in this article we will avoid using yogurt, but rather use other alternatives equally as good as the yogurt.

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