Woman Lost 59 Pounds After Seeing A Photo Of Herself That “Horrified” Her


Amanda Fisher is an inspiring woman from Queensland, Australia who managed to lose an incredible 59 pounds. She transformed her body with the help of intermittent fasting and a plant-based diet. At one point she used to weigh more than 200 pounds, but after seeing a picture of her that she says “horrified” her, the 32-year-old decided it’s time for a change.
At first, she decided to try fat based diets. But, they made her weight situation even worse. That’s when Amanda turned to intermittent fasting – a practice which sees you fast for a period of time and you need to eat across a designated window.

She told FEMAIL about the benefits of intermittent fasting. It is as an approach that can be used along with calorie restriction for weight loss.

This article first appeared on The Daily Mail.


One day Amanda saw a picture of herself from a vacation in Thailand and she finally had her wake up call.


Now, the Gold Coast-born weighs 143 pounds and looks better than ever.


A few years after deciding it’s time for change Amanda has transformed her body and it’s even competing in fitness competitions.


After looking for some quick fixes, but to no avail, the 32-year-old started with the eating pattern that cycle between periods of fasting and eating. She ate for eight hours every day and fasting for sixteen.


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Speaking to FEMAIL, the mother from Australia said that what inspired her transformation journey was a picture she saw of herself from a vacation in Thailand.

“I saw a photo and thought I looked a lot bigger than I’d thought I was,” she told Daily Mail Australia.” ‘I weighed around 92 kilos at that stage and knew something had to change.” she added.

She tried it all: rapid detox, a 1,200 calorie diet and a cabbage soup diet but nothing worked. Then she find something that actually worked- intermittent fasting and plant-based approaches “I tried juice fasting initially, but soon switched over to the 16:8, whereby you eat for eight hours and fast for 16” she explained.

When it comes to intermittent fasting there aren’t recommended foods that you should eat. However, there is a set time when you should eat. Usually, it involves 16-hour fasts or fasting for 24 hours, twice per week.

Source: Healthline


Amanda competed in her first fitness model competition in 2013 and had a desire to be more involved in competitions in 2014.


What finally helped her get the body she wanted was a a plant-based diet and the 16:8 regime.


Her typical meal consists of lots of lots of fruit, vegetables, protein and healthy grains.


It took Amanda nine months of mistakes, bumps, breakthroughs, and victories to lose 59 pounds. She found a diet that was easy to do. “It was easy to stick to, because unlike the other diets, it didn’t feel drastic. It also wasn’t like some fasting models, which see you severely restrict your calories for an entire day – or only eat one meal a day,” she said.

Her 16:8 day on a plate consists of oats, protein powder, hot water, berries and a banana for breakfast. Then fresh fruit for a snack, corn thins with avocado, tomatoes, sea salt and ground pepper for lunch and bean burritos, lentil dhal or a huge salad with tempeh for early dinner.

“It’s easy to set up the 16:8 once you know what your day is going to look like.”


However, the most important thing is that this food is condensed into a period of eight hours. That is before she fasts for the remaining 16.

“It’s true you might feel a bit lethargic at the beginning, because you’re not used to it, and I don’t recommend cutting everything including caffeine, sugar and dairy all at once (which I did), but it does become easier quickly,” she said.

Amanda does 4-5 weights sessions a week as well as simple cardio.


She is even competing in bikini bodybuilding competitions, as mentioned previously.


Ms Fisher told FEMAIL that bikini bodybuilding competitions were not what she had in mind when she started losing the weight. However, she started enjoying them after losing the pounds.


When it comes to intermittent fasting, Amanda recommends for people who do it to have a strategy and to not skip breakfast.


After seeing the photo that changed everything, Amanda fell in love with fitness.  “I try to do 4-5 weights sessions a week, and then some gentle cardio each day” she explained.

“Doing fitness competitions came about because I wanted to have something to work towards. After I reached my weight goal, I knew I wanted to continue with a goal. I’ve done three competitions this year and hope to do more next year” She even runs marathons!


‘Try to go for more whole foods that will keep you full, and utilize it to your advantage. If you can train without having eaten breakfast beforehand in the morning, do that,” she advices.


Lastly, Ms Fisher shared her tips for everyone who wants to start this diet. “Make sure you have a strategy and don’t just use it as an excuse to skip breakfast. “Some people say “I’m essentially doing the 16:8 because I’m not eating breakfast” but that’s not the way to do it. You’ll end up overeating later on. Instead, be prepared for all your meals and don’t use it as an excuse to binge eat.”


And even though fasting might not be for everyone it helped her accomplish her goal. “Fasted cardio is marginally better for fat loss than regular cardio. I used to be a boredom eater. I would eat in front of the TV and snack when I found myself with nothing to do. Intermittent fasting gives me a goal, a schedule and stops me from overeating. When done correctly, it works extremely well.”

If you want to find out more about her weight loss journey you can check out her blog Bangin’Bodz.

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