Dog That Seems To Be Grieving On A Grave Hides Her Puppies


Dogs are pretty emotional creatures. They can notice when you are sad or unhappy, and immediately be with you. One German Shepherd’s photo went viral after a dog was seen ‘grieving’ for her deceased owner in her grave. In 2015, the photo of this Serbian dog went viral on Facebook, so a woman decided to look deeper into this seemingly sad story. You would never believe what she discovered! Here is the whole story.



One German Shepard in Serbia had created her own on top of the gravesite of her owner. The dog spent all of her time there and even slept there during the night.

A woman named Vesna Mihajloski went to the gravesite to check on the grieving dog, but she was amazed at what she uncovered. This dog wasn’t grieving at all. As a matter of fact, she had delivered puppies ad this was her safe den.



Vesna then decided to take the dogs with her at home and the mama dog had her much-needed rest. The mother had been struggling to provide food and water for herself, so the little ones needed help. Thankfully, Vesna took the little family in and nursed the puppies. She also helped the mam dog get vet care.



Thanks to animal rescuers, like Vesna, the mother and puppies started receiving the care they deserved.



The shepherd mother successfully recovered and was able to take care of her puppies.



From a graveyard, these dogs went all the way back to normal life. It was all thanks to amazing animal rescuers like Vesna. Now, the strong pups will get the love and home they deserve.

Every year, more than 6 million dogs are left homeless or abandoned. It is up to us to help them by contacting local shelters, especially if they have a litter or young animals with them. If


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