Pennsylvania Baby Starves To Death After Parents Fatally Overdose On Fentanyl


Just a little over a year ago, little Summer Chambers from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, would have experienced her very first Christmas. Tragically, the five-month-old didn’t survive long enough to see it.

On December 22, 2016, a friend of Summer’s parents, 19-year-old Chelsea Cardaro and 27-year-old Jason Chambers, visited their home to check on them after the couple didn’t show up for a planned holiday get together. What they saw was horrifying. Police were called to the scene soon after.

Summer was found dead inside a bassinet. An autopsy revealed she died of dehydration and starvation two days earlier.

Cardero and Chambers were also found dead in a nearby bathroom. Pathologists estimated that they’d died a week earlier of what had initially been determined as a heroin overdose, but later changed to a fentanyl overdose. Their baby had been stuck for days in the bassinet before she passed away.

« Had they not died within minutes of each other, we believe one would have called 911 for help for the other, » said Cambria County District Attorney Kelly Callihan. « The pathologists said a child can live a couple of days without food or milk. She was only 5 months old, so she was on her back … she had no way to move from that bassinet. »

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