This Photographer Captures Stunning Pictures Of Animals That Are Almost Extinct


Are you aware that some of the animal forms on our planet might be extinct sooner rather than later? We often take for granted what we have now and before we realize it, there might only be even pictures left reminding us of the animals that used to live on our planet.

There are many photographers who are brave enough to get close to animals and capture them in their natural habitat. However, only several of them base their work on photographing endangered species and Tim Flach is one of them. The London-born photographer has spent the last 2 years capturing animals in their habitats as well as documenting their fragile existences. The intimate and rare reflections of these creatures from all around the planet are collected in Flach’s incredible work called ‘Endangered’.

While you are probably familiar with some of the species like the polar bear and the cheetah, some, like the Philippine eagle or the olm salamander are really rare. ‘Endangered’ covers a wide spectrum of biodiversity, shedding light on the unique challenges that these animals face in order to survive.

The 59-year-old British photographer focuses on revealing the relationships that connect humans to our wilder counterparts. According to his page, his work has three major parts: More Than Human, a broad exploration of the world’s species, Equus, focusing on the horse and Dogs Gods, on canines. You can find out more about his work on, as well as his Facebook page @timflachphoto or his Instagram account @timflachphotography which has 14,6k followers.

Scroll down and embrace these extraordinary pictures, courtesy of BoredPanda.

1. Saiga


Tim Flach

2. Polar bear


Tim Flach

3. Hyacinth macaw


Tim Flach

4. Philippine eagle


Tim Flach

5. African elephant


Tim Flach

6. Iberian lynx


Tim Flach

7. Cheetah with cubs


Tim Flach

8. Snow leopard


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Tim Flach

9. Ring-tailed lemur


Tim Flach

10. Ploughshare tortoise


Tim Flach

11. White-bellied pangolin


Tim Flach

12. Red panda


Tim Flach

13. Fireflies


Tim Flach

14. Golden snub-nosed monkey


Tim Flach

15. Hippopotamus


Tim Flach

16. Pied tamarin


Tim Flach

17. Northern white rhinoceros


Tim Flach

18. Red crown crane


Tim Flach

19. Shoebill


Tim Flach

20. Giant panda


Tim Flach
Source: Boredpanda

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