This Photographer Shoots Post-Wedding Pictures With Cats And Their Owners


When you’re a photographer, the skills are not the only thing that matters, you have to be creative too, because usually people fall for the idea.

One Italian photographer, Marianna Zampari, has this passion to photograph cats. Recently, she finished her Cats in Venice project, where she shares a story about each one of them. Marianna wants to share happy moments between cats and their owners with the world.

When she got married, she wanted to have some pictures with her cat Arthur so she decided to do a special shoot with him. After seeing the pictures, a couple of her friends asked her to do the same thing for them and their 3 cats so she did an after-marriage shoot.

You want to see the results? They’re down below compiled by Bored Panda.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments. Enjoy!

Proud cat


Moments before the wedding


Such a cute picture






Following their lead


Well captured


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