New Scam Targets Women In Supermarkets – Police Urge Public To Use This Solution To Stay Safe


New Scam Targets Women In Supermarkets – Police Urge Public To Use This Solution To Stay Safe

Women can often be targeted by thieves at stores because of the purses they carry around. It’s all too easy to become distracted when walking up and down the aisles thinking of things we need or looking at the things we want.

This presents thieves with the perfect opportunity to slip their hand into your purse and steal its contents.

That’s why a New Hampshire Police Department’s Facebook post has gone viral. The Windham Police Department is warning people to keep their pocketbooks secure and close by each time they go shopping. They suggest securing it to your shopping cart by clipping the child safety straps through the straps of your purse or using a carabiner to affix it to the cart.

“A holiday shopping safety tip for women. When using a shopping cart as you browse through the store, keep your purse zipped or closed and secure it to the cart by clipping the child safety belt through the strap(s),” the post reads.

“This will help in preventing someone from taking advantage of your distraction and running off with the purse. For those carts that don’t have the child strap, keep an inexpensive carabiner clip attached to your purse strap. Simply clip the carabiner to the cart and your purse is more secure. HAPPY SHOPPING!”

Good House Keeping also suggests the following safety measures that have been recommended by law enforcement:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Park in properly lit areas and make sure that you lock your door
  • Put your shopping bags out of sight and in the truck
  • Carry credit cards when you can. If you carry cash, put it in your front pocket
  • Shop during the day with family or friends
  • Contact authorities immediately if your card is lost or stolen
  • Be aware of people around you, especially those who try to approach you


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Source: Facebook Screenshot

“I’ve been doing this for years, if they grab your purse the cart goes too, usually pulls the cart over, big alert,” said one Facebook commenter.

Police have also reported that pocketbooks and wallets are being stolen out of cars while people pump their gas.

“At the pumps, lock passenger door, seatbelt your purse in the seat and even while driving. I also throw my jacket or sweater over it to camouflage it,” said another Facebook commenter.

So, following all these tips should definitely keep you safe!

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