Veteran With Alzheimers Enlists Help Of Caretaker – Then She Kicks Him Out Of His Home And Refuses To Leave


Veteran With Alzheimers Enlists Help Of Caretaker – Then She Kicks Him Out Of His Home And Refuses To Leave

After doing their time in the service, veterans often have a difficult time adapting to life back home.

The path of American servicepeople is not an easy one. It often begins by difficult training before being shipped overseas to fight battles that put their lives in danger. It takes a huge emotional toll on soldiers and their families back home. Returning home can be difficult as a result of PTSD, estrangement and many other reasons. More specifically, housing and benefits can also present an array of problems.

That’s what happened to one elderly veteran living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Don Cameron is an 81-year-old veteran of the US Army who found himself in a difficult situation.

As he’s gotten older, Cameron has experienced a number of health issues including heart and memory problems. Cameron was living with his wife until her Alzheimers worsened and she had to move to a nursing home. After that, the veteran decided to have a home health aide named Melissa Miller help him around the house.

But things got complicated shortly after that.

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After earning Cameron’s trust, Miller began to alter their agreement.

According to Cameron’s family, Miller convinced Cameron to sign over his power of attorney. She also took control over his finances, buying purchases in the thousands of dollars and leaving important bills unpaid. At the end of everything, Miller moved her own family into Cameron’s house and moved him into a nearby apartment with his two dogs, Jack and Bela.

Cameron’s stepdaughter, Nadine Carson, was outraged at her stepfather’s treatment.

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According to Carson, Miller and her family robbed Cameron of a lifetime’s worth of hard work.

Carson gave an interview where she expanded on this sentiment:

“They stripped everything from this man, everything. He worked for this his whole life, it’s gone. His homes, his cars, his property. They’ve destroyed it; and no, they won’t leave.”

Fortunately, Miller’s alleged wrongdoing may be moving into the hands of someone who can help.



State Constable Terrence Crumby may serve Miller and her family a notice of eviction.

Furthermore, the Mercer County Adult Protective Services intends to investigate the case with the cooperation of two local police departments. For their part, the Millers gave comment to the news team at KDKA that they had taken care of Cameron and were invited into the home. Hopefully, the investigation will set things right!

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